Like a lot of people, I’ve sort of left my mayoral duties to Isabelle in order to become a pokemon master.

In two days, I’ll probably be picking up Ace Attorney 5, and next month, a Link Between Worlds is coming out. So busy! 

This comic is inspired by a tweet.

damn… I don’t even own New Leaf, nor have I played it, but THEM FEELS



overdramatic complain for snack

Awww, it reminds me of Kodi…I miss him

OMG!!! This pup is so adorable! Give him a treat already! =D

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XBox 180

Okay, so there is a lot of talk going on today. With good reason. Microsoft has done a 180 and reversed their policy on DRM in regards to their upcoming XBox One. You could call it the XBox One(Eighty). Anyway, what does this all mean for the gamers out there? 

Well, this means that the 24-hour check in is gone! You will no longer have to have that Internet connection in order to play your games. You will be able to trade, lend, or sell your games just as you currently do. You can play your downloaded games offline, like you currently do. 

Well, is this a good thing? As it stands, this sounds like an amazing thing to happen. However, there are downsides to this. You can never have the good without the bad. 

Losing the DRM means that they have effectively thrown their ‘family share plan’ out the window. While they have not directly addressed this issue as of yet, it can very much be implied as such. I mean, what is there to stop you from buying a game, activating it (so it is in your cloud of games), and then selling your game back, then replaying your game in the cloud? The ‘family share plan’ was an ingenious idea and I would have loved to see it implemented. 

Losing the DRM also means that they are focusing more on the physical aspect of gaming again: the disc. The way they had it previously, Microsoft was heading into a new direction with the X1 with a push towards a pure digital age. Falling back onto archaic tech with disc usage is saying you are not wanting to progress. You can’t have progress without making change. 

Also, you realize that DRM is STILL in effect, right? Microsoft is essentially taking the same stance that Sony is: DRM policies will be set in place by the games’ publishers. If the publishers wants DRM, you still have DRM. We just get screwed out because we STILL have it, but we get none of the new good stuff. 

People are happy now because the Kinect would “always be on”, whereas now without a 24-hour Internet connection, you can no longer be spied on. Cool. I like your propaganda idea. I’m sure that Big Brother will find another way to watch you. But seriously, the X1 was already confirmed that there were two (2) ways of turning the system OFF off. As in the Kinect would be off too. One would be with the main power button, while the other would be in the internal settings on the console itself. It was confirmed in interviews, in specs regarding the system, and in example. The mass of people who didn’t bother to look into anything regarding this caused a viral scare that there really was no need for.

Overall, I for one am NOT pleased with this change. There were lots of possibilities where things could have gone from here, but because people are so afraid of change, the gaming populace as a whole is now stuck where we were before. Even worse than that, they showed us possibilities, then took them away only for people to realize later that the DRM will STILL be present. So, in essence, we ended with NONE of the good, and ALL of the bad. Rather than take a step forward, we ended up taking a step back. I don’t see how this is good at all, I really don’t. It’s not going to stop me from getting an X1, but right now, I am seriously disappointed with people, and with Microsoft.

Think about it. We went from XBox, to XBox 360. Then now from XBox 360, to XBox 180. That’s not progress at all. 





The Most Gorgeous Book Ever Has No Words Or Pictures, Just Color

This is the RGB Colorspace Atlas by Tauba Auerbach. The 8”x8” hardcover tome is pretty much an encyclopedia of every color in the RGB index. It’s huge, it’s gorgeous, and I want one.



It’s like they were made for each other.

i swear to fucking hell if you fuckers start shipping a book and i pen i will forcibly shove you back into the pits of hell you came from

Sensors alight, the pen trailed itself sensually down the gradient shift from yellow to blue along ample curve of paper, dipping closer and closer to the book’s spine.

“Can you imagine it?” the pen whispered, whirring and selecting #00563F with practiced intimacy. “Just picture it. With your collection and my potential…we can color the world.”





Guys look. It’s the Hemospectrum in one easy book!

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XBox One

Will post up a big thing on this soon covering my views of the, now several days old reveal. I’ve been upset a bit about it, the reveal, not the system. Catch my review and thoughts later. For now, let’s see if YouTube will let me upload parts 3-12 of Katawa Shoujou pre-release. I’ve been trying to upload for weeks and errors. If you’ve been waiting for new parts, believe me, I have then recorded and ready. YouTube just doesn’t want me to upload for some reason…

Lilly good ending, to sum it all up. Damn, this is beautiful. Also, not as feels heavy as Hanako’s route, but man, Lilly’s route is also very, very beautiful. I can’t get over how amazing these stories are…

Shigeki no Kyojin, episode 5. What the fuck? That was unexpected… now what? I have an idea… but will find out next week, I suppose. 

watching Shingeki no Kyojin. not bad, not bad indeed. Great visuals, animation is superb, and the music is just amazing. My problem with this series thus far? Super cliche. But that’s alright, while cliche, that doesn’t mean it cant be good. 

*episode 4* well, isn’t that just goddamn convenient.


someone needs to get me this like seriously.

I know several people this would be perfect for =D


someone needs to get me this like seriously.

I know several people this would be perfect for =D